Goal Setting Course

Advance your career rapidly by reaching your goals faster!

You are going to learn proven strategies to set and accomplish your goals!

In order to be successful in your career and at home, you’ll have to manage your time effectively.

Think of yourself as a business. Imagine having an employee who comes to work and doesn’t get as much done as you’d like.

You are your greatest boss and your most valuable asset is time!

In discussing time management, some people would argue that:

  • “We need to be more efficient with our time!”
  • Other people would claim, “Let’s not worry so much about efficiency; let’s be more effective!”

You will receive this certificate of
participation to show hiring managers!


3 Reviews

Media Sales

Working from home has presented enormous challenges. I get distracted easily. The time-management course helped me set triggers I could identify when I was getting off track. I am 100 percent more productive now and have spare time for my own interests!

Social Media Marketing

The goal setting course helped me understand how to set short- and long-term goals as well as tricks and strategies to keep me on track! I have already received positive reviews and a promotion.


I work with a mixed group of intellectuals, programmers, and business types. Even though we all speak English, at times it’s like we are all from a different planet! The Listening course helped me improve my listening skills and I’m sharing the techniques with my colleagues!

How this course will help you:

  • Show hiring managers your commitment to improving soft skills.
  • Set achievable expectations.
  • Accomplish more in less time and with less effort!


  • Completion of worksheets and assignments.
  • Listen to the on-demand lecture.
  • Additional research on the subject.
  • Practicing what you learned in real life!

This course is for anyone interested in:

  • Controlling their work environment.
  • Advancing their career faster.
  • Impressing their boss and co-workers.