The Power of Listening Course

Better listening skills will increase your salary!

Advance your career by improving your listening skills!

Although many people assume they are good listeners, few actually are. The average employee spends about three-quarters of each working day in verbal communications.

Nearly one-half of that is spent on listening. Incredibly, the average employee’s listening effectiveness is only 25 percent. Today, more and more companies are discovering that one bad listener within the managerial ranks can cause much more damage than a number of good listeners can correct.

The normal, untrained listener is likely to understand and retain only about 50 percent of a conversation, and this relatively poor percentage drops to an even less impressive 25 percent retention rate 48 hours later. This means that recall of a particular conversation that took place more than a couple of days ago will always be incomplete and usually inaccurate.

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3 Reviews

Media Sales

Working from home has presented enormous challenges. I get distracted easily. The time-management course helped me set triggers I could identify when I was getting off track. I am 100 percent more productive now and have spare time for my own interests!

Social Media Marketing

The goal setting course helped me understand how to set short- and long-term goals as well as tricks and strategies to keep me on track! I have already received positive reviews and a promotion.


I work with a mixed group of intellectuals, programmers, and business types. Even though we all speak English, at times it’s like we are all from a different planet! The Listening course helped me improve my listening skills and I’m sharing the techniques with my colleagues!

How this course will help you:

  • Share with hiring managers to show your commitment to improving soft skills.
  • Bring to the attention of your boss during review.
  • You will feel more confident in working with others.


  • Completion of worksheets and assignments.
  • Listen to the on-demand lecture.
  • Additional research on the subject.
  • Practicing what you learned in real life!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is working with difficult people.
  • Workers who want to develop a better working relationship with others.
  • Individuals who work in customer service and need to position customers first.
  • Anyone working in sales!